What shampoo does Donald Trump use?

The secret of Donald Trump’s hair

As they say, Donald Trump said in an interview that he used a shampoo as basic as H & S, a shampoo that only costs about $ 3.

But is that true? If it is true that this shampoo is also sold in America and probably have ever used this shampoo, but what is your true secret ?

It’s h & s?

The answer is no! One of the biggest secrets of Donald is not to dry his hair when leaving the shower, every time he comes out of the shower he lets his hair dry in the open air, avoiding using the dryer and avoiding to dry off with the towel.

But if you do not use h & s ..

What shampoo does Donald Trump use to keep his hair at 72 years of age?


Here it is! Kérastase Densify a product made in France and that is famous all over the world, this shampoo contains biotin and taurine and improves the quality of the hair root.

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But that’s not all, another of the secrets of the American tycoon is not to abuse the use of shampoo, even knowing that this shampoo has very good properties the continued use of any shampoo will only spoil our hair creating premature hair aging.

Our hair needs to be always hydrated, and for this we must maintain the essential oils that our scalp releases.

That is why it is advisable not to wash your hair with shampoo every day, and this is another of the secrets of Donald Trump, he washes his hair with shampoo about 3 times a week, thus avoiding the dehydration of the hair and its subsequent deterioration.

El candidato a la presidencia de Estados Unidos Donald Trump

In an interview for Rolling Stonne magazine, the candidate of the most traditional republican facet, he has revealed the way in which this unflattering hairstyle is done.As if it were an engineering work, Trump dedicates time to his personal image although With questionable results.

Do you want to have the hairstyle of the possible president of the United States ?


Follow these tips:

  • Every morning, wash your hair with the Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo and let it air dry. During this process the millionaire takes the opportunity to read his favorite newspaper, the ‘New York Post’ or sees the American network ‘Fox’.
  • Using a comb, he throws all his hair from the top forward, reaching to cover his entire forehead and part of his eyes.
  • The part that covers the eyes is thrown back leaving a kind of crushed tupé that falls on top of the forehead a few centimeters. The hair on the sides is combed back. Donald Trump confesses in the interview to the music magazine that he is very happy with this hairstyle, and that is why he has worn it for years.