the shampoo that the Kardashian uses


Kim kardashian takes care of her hair with a shampoo of less than 4 euros

Kim Kardashian has a beauty products bag that many of us would like to have within our reach. It is a true beauty addict, and in its beauty ritual there is also room for products to beautify your hair.

This is Finesse, a very economical product, which can be found on the shelves of American supermarkets


Kim Kardashian is an expert in hair changes. Kanye West’s wife has worn long hair, dyed her blonde or even opted for extensions to give her more volume, becoming one of America’s most envied hair.

During an interview, her stylist Jen Atkin uploaded an instagram clip in which she praised her client. Can we talk about how groundbreaking it is? Yes, this is Kim’s hair and yes, it’s SO healthy. ”Quickly, Kardashian’s followers asked the professional what the secret was to show off this hair and Atkin revealed it: good products, a homemade mask and a good dryer.

Kim Kardashian and the wet hair effect

One of the hairstyles that we like most for these parties is the wet hair effect that Kim wore a few months ago. How can we get it?Take note of the steps to follow:

Put 3 small doses of Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion in the palm of your hand, mixed with a dose of Moroccanoil Strong Styling Gel
Mix it by rubbing your hands and apply all over your hair
Comb the hair with a very large comb and wait for the product to dry naturally
Once it has dried, you get a wonderful ‘wet look’ that, at the same time, looks very hydrated.