20 Tips to have a stronger and healthier hair

20 Tips to have a stronger and healthier hair

20 .Avoid using dyes and discolorations

The use of dyes and discolorations can damage your scalp weakening its structure as they contain chemicals that alter pH levels this can cause irritation dryness, sometimes causing dermatitis dreaded hair fall

19. Avoid the use of hair straighteners

These endanger your hair health because they work at very high temperatures ranging from 120 to 190 degrees, the continued use of irons make your hair dry and become weaker and brittle, keep hair hydrated it is essential to healthy hair

18 .Avoid the use of the dryer

It is dangerous to use the dryer as this may damage the structure of the hair, the best thing is to let it dry outdoors and if you use dryer must remember that should never be hot air.

17. Avoid brushing with wet hair

Avoid brushing her hair wet as this is weaker when wet, wait for it to dry you hair to cepillarte.Si for lack of need time to untangle your hair getting out of the shower it would be advisable to use a conditioner before leaving shower and then use a comb of wide cells stop to avoid hitches

16 .Avoid scratching your head…

Sure many of you have ever suffered from dandruff or flaking of your scalp, then scratch aggravate the state of your scalp, but could cause serious injury

15 .Avoid hot water

A washing your prevents hair using hot water, as this can dry too your scalp and open your pores, it is advisable to use warm water and cold water for the final rinse well get increase blood circulation that will make travel more blood to your scalp and as a result are more nutrients, water and oxygen to reach our pilosos.Ademas follicles instead of hot water the cold water closes the pores of the skin.

14 ..Use sunscreen for your hair

Wear protective or special products for your hair over the summer will help you protect it from external aggressions like the sun and the chlorine in pools and always keep hydrated.

13 .Usar sulphate free shampoo

You have sensitive scalp or suffer from dandruff or flaking? That may be sulfates, most shampoos the market contain sulfates, these serve to thoroughly clean and drag the sebum the problem is that backfires drag all the fat that covers your scalp and your hair will look less bright while Notaras loses elasticity and more frizz. On this website you will find a section with lots of products without sulfates very good quality

12 .Use essential oils

If your hair is dry and you need extra hydration in order to eliminate flaking or only to repair your split ends do not hesitate to use essential oils once a week and your hair will look healthier and stronger, the more They are used for hair argan oil, jojoba, coconut, castor, olive and others.

11 .Cut your tips regularly

Dry and split ends will slow the growth of your hair so it is recommended to cut the ends every three months to look a healthier and stronger hair.

10 .Use satin or silk cover for your pillow

If you want to lose less hair during the night using a satin or silk cover for your pillow and avoid losing hair because this no longer got caught these cases they are very soft.

9 .Use mask once a week

We’ve talked about the importance of keeping hydrated your hair and the use of essential oils once a week, but if yours are not the oils, can resort to using a hair mask this would bring hydration, brightness, brightness, thereby achieving a mane much more nourished.

8 .Use the right product for your hair type

This tips is very important and many people do not carry it out, we know that each hair has different characteristics to others, your hair can be oily, dry, and only fat dry root tip or the contrario.Por that’s very important to use the product that best suits your hair type.

In this web you will find many products that suit your hair type as well as articles devoted to every hair type .

7 massage your scalp .Perform

A performing massage on your scalp  will increase blood flow to the hair follicles thereby increase nutrient uptake and growth of the cabello.Para it can use the manual technique or enhance the effects using a massaging device.

6 .Perform sports daily

We talked about the importance of increased blood flow to the follicles, as there is no better way to stimulate this that through sport, to performing sport we work the heart twice beats making this blood sent to all points of our body and to a greater extent than usual so our hair vera also benefited from being more oxygenated blood flow, more oxygen will be one hair one hair stronger and healthier and more likely to grow.

5 .Seawater

If you have the beach near or going to attend to veranear soon are lucky Seawater is very beneficial for the cabello.Esta contains calcium and zinc, magnesium bromide, sodium chloride and sulfur these minerals we help clear pores, strengthen skin cells, removing toxic waste, also helpful against psoriasis, peeling your scalp and other skin disorders because it has healing properties and anti-inflammatory.

4 .Evitar stress and bad habits

Habits bad as snuff or alcohol affect our overall health including our hair health, snuff due to nicotine accelerates premature aging of the skin to the same as that of the scalp, causing damage to the microcirculation of the hair follicles .

The spirit in turn makes the hair becomes weak causing even premature fall of hair, this is because the vitamins absorbs alcohol and minerals for healthy hair, including the vitamin C responsible for the production of collagen  and minerals as important as zinc which is responsible for the formation of keratin.

We can not forget about the stress, remember that nothing hurts more than your hair more stress, this can cause the fall of the same from one to uncontrolled manner, so mantelo at bay.

 3 .Approach adequate food

When we talk about bringing adequate food we refer to eat all kinds of food trying to reduce to the maximum processed foods, soft drinks, fried foods, sugar in general and opt more for nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables and foods with high content index in proteins such as egg or fish without forgetting those foods rich in natural fats like avocado oil or oliva.Todos these foods contain vitamins and minerals needed to make your hair grow strong and healthy.

2 .Get enough rest

Not getting enough sleep will affect your immune system and the secretion of the body hormonas.Tu will look resentful and the chances of hair loss will increase significantly, we can not forget that lack of sleep can provoke stress and this is one of the greatest enemies of our hair.

Experts recommend to sleep 8 hours but many people do not comply, if you’re one of them napping when noon could be a very good solution to solve your problem, will rest while you get relax from the stress perhaps produced in your working hours or studies.

 1 .Drink water, hydrate!

Keep your hair hydrated! the lack of moisture in your hair will lead to hair dull, dry and prone to electricity estática.Bebe at the least two liters of water a day and see a significant change in your hair.