Peppermint oil study in mice (alopecia)

You can peppermint oil be better than minoxidil?

It has conducted a study in Korea for the department of public health at the University of Keymung. This study investigated the effect of the peppermint oil in the growth of hair in mice . These were assigned in  3 groups:

  • No. 1 was treated with jojoba oil
  • No. 2 with 3% minoxidil
  • No. 3 peppermint oil to 3%. diluted in jojoba oil.

We all know that these three components with the only scientifically proven results is minoxidil who sell in pharmacies 3% and 5%.

Pero..¿cual scored higher result against mice?

Has been testing the effects of each for 4 weeks and although it sounds incredible, the group that performed best was the No. 3 group, does that mean that peppermint oil could be the basis of the cure for baldness? yet the effect in humans but the only real day of today are the effects of hair growth obtained in mice are known: a significant increase in the thickness of the dermis, the number of follicles, and the depth of the folículo.un slight increase in epidermal thickness.

I leave here the link of the study is in English but if you give the right button of the mouse over the text translated into the Spanish podreis:

Can you have mint side effects?

When peppermint oil is consumed or applied in small doses should not cause harm, but on the contrary if abused use, they may experience side effects and adverse reactions.

A the use on the scalp is advisable to dilute it with another oil, the most suitable jojoba oil also contains many properties that help us grow our hair, oil mind is an oil very strong and if not using a dissolution may damage the area where applied causing burning and if we have sensitive skin.

How to make peppermint oil?

If you want peppermint oil, you can do it directly from home quickly and easily, here we leave all the steps so you can make your own peppermint oil and can already take advantage of all properties that have for your hair

How to make homemade peppermint oil: